Helping Bodies Thrive.

Current Trainings & Workshops

Consent & Harm Reduction

Consent 101 : "Thanks for Asking" 


Type of Training: Sexual Assault Prevention Audience: All military ranks and civilians


  • Understand what consent is and practical approaches to effective consent communication
  • Explain why establishing consent and honoring boundaries is the most effective harm reduction strategy
  • Learn tools to create a “consent climate” rooted in trust , mutual understanding, and leadership by example
  • Understand harm, intentional and unintentional, through the lens of rape culture and the influence of alcohol on consent
  • Learn about why Affirmative Consent shifts from “rape culture” to “consent culture” and why it’s important
  • Intervention strategies to become a supportive bystander


Abuse of Power - Daniel Holtzclaw Case Study: When “Yes” means “No” 


Type of Training: Leadership Case Study Audience: Leadership & Victim Advocates


  • Overview HOLTZCLAW v. STATE case of an ex police officer sentenced to 263 years by jury after convicted with multiple charges of sexual assault and rape.
  • Learn what is intersectionality and how these factors influenced how Holtzclaw targeted his victims 
  • Explore how trauma, fear, and power influenced victims’ willingness to report including how victim’s were portrayed in media
  • Review learning opportunities for how victim’s advocates and leadership can prevent abuse of power and provide better support to at-risk populations


The Poetry of Radical Consent & Self Love 

This workshop discusses consent as being a key driver to creating healthy relationship dynamics.  Using the IF SOE model developed by the Coalition of Consent, we interactively break down the necessity of clear communication to ensure consent is “informed, freely-given, specific, ongoing, and enthusiast”.  Using poetry and spoken word, participants will draft a poem to their bodies and discuss the importance of self-love. Finally, we discuss how all of the workshop activities help to cultivate our own health and wellness practices. 



“Full Body Processing Power: Paying attention to what our body needs”

This workshop holistically addresses vital roles we can play to reduce our risk for chronic disease including exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, checkups, self-assessments, and navigating busy schedules.  We include a panel of health experts, including mental health, to offer alternatives for fortifying our bodies.  Participants can leave with a skeleton self-care or health plan. 


7 Day Fortify & Flow Cleanse w/Joy Maat

Guided 7 Day Plant-based cleanse, inspiring affirmations, and structured movement practice for all levels. 




JahRation Nation 90 Minute Masterclass 

Overview: JahRation Nation - DANCEHALL & AFROBEATS based workshop focusing on increasing connecting to body and flow, cardio endurance, self-care. and conjuring an epic gyrating experience. Using movement/music derived from the African Diaspora, in this workshop we perform multiple easy-to-follow routines, with a focus on one piece of customized choreography. 




Proactive Self-Care: For BIPOC Women and Femmes

As evolving, brown girls in revolutionary bodies, it is important to influence strategic self-preservation as centralized in spiritual, mental, and physical healthy development practices. Black girls encounter a prevalence of racial and gender-based stereotyping--forcing them to accrue both historical and personal experiences that directly affect the state of their health and overall existence.

Mental health issues among young black teens and adults are skyrocketing, partly due to the influence social media has become in revolutionary movements and exposure of injustice against black and brown bodies. Additionally, the daily lives of many black girls present barriers in education, home, and relationships.  Ranging from issues such as self-esteem, eating disorders, suicide rates, overweight and obesity, trauma,  anxiety, and depression, black girls are often denied the right of vulnerability or access to care. 

This workshop will outline the fundamentals of holistic self-care and healing for young, black leaders. We will review educational material including nutrition, exercise, and creative expression to encourage more long-term sustainable habits within their lifestyle. Each participant will learn and implement the tools necessary to create a customized healing and self-care plan that will ensure the prioritization of each of their health and well-being.


Tabernacle: Full Body Processing Power as Self-Care 

Our bodies are our Tabernacle. This class was designed for individuals looking to create more body autonomy through proactive self self-care. 

The goal of this workshop aims to create a holistic self-care plan by using comprehensive, radical consent to increase the overall wellness, pleasure, and spiritual connectivity for all participants. 

We will fortify our full-body processing power by expanding the definition and application of consent as applied to body to unpack barriers limiting access to movement and exercise. The plan created serves as an “in-case-of-emergency” blueprint for getting them grounded into their bodies and reminding themselves how to interpret what their bodies may need. 

Note: This workshop is suitable for all body types. We aim to rebuke the claims of diet culture, toxic fitness culture, and fatphobia. This workshop is open to all genders. 



BDSM 101 

In this training, we learn the ins and outs of BDSM & Kink as an accessible pleasure practice. Included we cover consent, negotiation, archetypes, application, and aftercare. This course is good for individuals, organizations, and advocates who want to learn more about this lifestyle to better support relationships and clients. 


Power & Pelvic Pleasure

This series is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between two people who share the same vision and have very different approaches to it. Heather, a licensed pelvic therapist, brings the medically accurate anatomy and functional physiology of the muscles in the pelvis while Candace brings the power dynamics and incredibly hot sensuality to create the very best new exercise and pelvic training series for those who like a little erotic motivation.