Consent and Harm Reduction Education

Combining my years of experience as an activist, Candace provides informative, thought-provoking faciliation to help reduce harm and empower our autonomy. 

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Abuse of Power - Daniel Holtzclaw Case Study: When “Yes” means “No” 

Type of Training: Case Study


  • Overview HOLTZCLAW v. STATE case of an ex-police officer sentenced to 263 years by jury after convicted with multiple charges of sexual assault and rape.
  • Learn what is intersectionality and how these factors influenced how Holtzclaw targeted his victims 
  • Explore how trauma, fear, and power influenced victims’ willingness to report including how victim’s were portrayed in media
  • Review learning opportunities for how victim’s advocates and leadership can prevent abuse of power and provide better support to at-risk populations
Consent 101 : "Thanks for Asking" 

Type of Training: Sexual Assault Prevention


  • Understand what consent is and practical approaches to effective consent communication
  • Explain why establishing consent and honoring boundaries is the most effective harm reduction strategy
  • Learn tools to create a “consent climate” rooted in trust , mutual understanding, and leadership by example
  • Understand harm, intentional and unintentional, through the lens of rape culture and the influence of alcohol on consent
  • Learn about why Affirmative Consent shifts from “rape culture” to “consent culture” and why it’s important
  • Intervention strategies to become a supportive bystander


The Poetry of Radical Consent & Self Love 

This workshop discusses consent as being a key driver to creating healthy relationship dynamics.  Using the IF SOE model developed by the Coalition of Consent, we interactively break down the necessity of clear communication to ensure consent is “informed, freely-given, specific, ongoing, and enthusiast”.  Using poetry and spoken word, participants will draft a poem to their bodies and discuss the importance of self-love. Finally, we discuss how all of the workshop activities help to cultivate our own health and wellness practices. 

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Trauma-Informed Consensual Kink

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