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Coach Felyne's BDSM 101 Course Offer

You know why you are here.

Likely you have been interested in the BDSM/Kink lifestyle for one reason or another. Whether you were inspired by a kinky movie, dabbled in bondage to spice things up, or found our your submission is a superpower (yes, it is!) - you managed to land RIGHT HERE. Allow this course to serve as a support system for all of your creative, sexual, and erotic energy -- a legitimate superforce you possess.  BDSM is not some mystical place beyond your grasp or comprehension. It is an intention, a discipline, and a responsibility to create the most delicious erotic environments possible. It's real out here in these streets. Existing as your most vibrant self isn't easy. Neither is sorting out what truly brings you pleasure.  It's okay to find your own way. MY BDSM/Kink 101 Course is designed to give you a smooth entry into learning more about the lifestyle and help you fortify your kinky, brilliant self. You came here for a reason, let me tell you what you will learn:  

  • Break down what BDSM actually is (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sado-Masochism)

  • Get clear with language and common terminologies

  • Common Relationship Dynamics & Configurations

  • Establishing consent with yourself and other folks to create more safety and less harm

  • Get deep in your own guts to learn more about your kinks - You have them!

  • Learn the basics for popular forms of BDSM play including impact play (spanking, oh hell yea!) and bondage