Created by Founder of CBA  and Award Winning Trainer Candace Liger - CE, SPS


Inclusive | Trauma- Informed | Weight/Resistance Training | Dance Fitness

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I help ambitious folx become stronger in their bodies so they can THRIVE everywhere. 


With over 9 years experience as a NASM health and fitness professional, my online platform allows me to virtually train folx all over the world to help them connect deeply to their bodies, build strength, and develop a healthier relationship to fitness, movement, and food.

My program is not about weight loss or depriving yourself from foods you enjoy. Instead, I focus on using scientifically backed methods that allow us to process our relationship with our bodies, trauma, and strength. 

Not sure where to start? 

Schedule a 15 minute call and I can help answer your questions, provide one-time support, or determine if we are good fit to work together. 

Note: Use this option if you're interested in corporate wellness plans. 

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The Fortify & Flex program is designed for people who seek to reimagine their relationship to fitness and their own bodies.



Using my proven methods my goal as a coach is to help you discover:

  • You are already strong no matter what body type you have. I said what I said. 
  • YOU don't have to labor for hours to feel stronger. You can build muscle and remember your strength in only 25 minutes a day.  
  • How to develop appreciation for what your body can do right now and embrace your changes as they come. 
  • How to reshape your relationship to  fitness in a way that focuses on FORTIFYING your body and mind
  • That fitness doesn’t have to feel like punishment. Instead it can be meaningful and ritualized to fit your desired goals. 

Peace, I’m Candace (she/they) - and I am fascinated about what our bodies are capable of when we feel supported.

For over 10 years, I have have trained countless women and femmes across the US. 

Fitness is personal. As someone who comes from a family of neuorological conditions, my body became a temple and warzone very early on in my life.

Strength training has been my savior and life force.

With my fitness and advocacy background combined, I am self-proclaimed "Body Enthusiast" who helps create more inclusive spaces for bodies to thrive. 

My passion is rooted in teaching us how to connect to our fullest selves, fortify our bodies, be intentional with self- care practices, and cultivate our well-being.

I love working with ambitious professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and trailblazers who desire to define what health feels like in their own bodies.  

My goal? Help more phenomenal folks take up more space. 

Let's thrive together. 


The FORTIFY strength-building program IS all about building strength, lean muscle, and fortifying our bodies with a holistic approach to fitness. 


It's about being both brave and curious about what your body is capable of - when you are willing to listen to your body. 




I value our time together and invest in your success. I keep a small group of clients so that I may better ensure my capacity to meet their needs and cater the program for their goals. Please apply below for a consultation call. Only fill out ONE of these applications. 


I only want you to fill out this application & schedule a call if you are 100% sure that you are ready to work towards your goal. This call is approximately 50 minutes long so I can ensure we are a good fit to work together. Your application will be reviewed before your appointment time is confirmed.



Not quite ready to consider 90 Day Coaching?

I aim to support folks who are committed to evolving. Schedule a 15 minute call and I can help answer your questions, provide one-time support, or determine if we are good fit to work together.


You can absolutely love yourself, your body, AND get stronger & healthier at the same time. 


Disclaimer: These are all photos that were requested and approved by my former clients to share. The purpose is NOT to show them become smaller.

The folx here desired to use images to empower them in ways they felt would be most beneficial for them. I take the stance that anyone can consent to HOW they desire to track their progress as long as they understand the impact of fatphobia, dysmorphia, and the agenda of mainstream fitness. Sometimes that is with changes in body, posture, alignments, or even photographing their energy.

Sometimes it's aesthetically driven, sometimes it's not. My role as a coach is to support their needs while informing them of other ways to track progress.

Every person won't desire to document their process with photos and no matter what, we always find ways to celebrate progress.

"I realized I didn't like to dance because I didn't like how my feet turned inward. I realized I didn't like the fat on my arms and the way it jiggled. I didn't like the fat on my legs. And I realized - that meant I really didn't like my whole body! 

I started connecting differently and I began feeling comfortable.

Before I knew it, I realized the place I was coming from was related to not being connected to my whole body. I wanted to be consistent and survive. Once I realized I could - I started noticing changes in my body and in my entire life.

I made the transition from judging myself and everyone else, to loving every part of me - every day. And because of that - I got stronger." - Octavia Harris, CEO of Goal Diggin Goddess