#ConsentConscious works to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed consent education to support  health, pleasure, and safety.

*Our work is Black Led, Black-Centering, and applicable to everyone. 

“Thanks for Asking” - An Affirmative Consent Poem

Written and Performed by: Candace Liger, Founder of Center for Body Autonomy

What is being "Consent-Conscious"?

Being #ConsentConscious is the first step to reducing harm and sexual violence. 
It means:

I'm committed to:

  1. Being in a practice of exchanging and honoring consent. 

  2. Creating, accepting, and respecting boundaries as a method of SAFETY.

  3. Acknowledging the power dynamics that silence survivors 

  4. Being a practice of self-exploration and healing to expand my connection to PLEASURE

  5. Establishing consent without the presence of force, coercion, or manipulation

  6. Only establishing consent when all parties are of sound mind and AWARENESS

  7. Having awareness that intimacy is a privilege, not an absolute. 

  8. Understanding that consent is ongoing, requires healthy COMMUNICATION and can be revoked at any time. 

  9. Understanding that "enthusiast consent" looks different for everyone.

  10. Recognizing I have the potential to cause harm and I move into EMPATHY-centered accountability. 

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Our Vision: We imagine consent education to uplift pleasure while eliminating harm. 



Examine the impact of social stigma, shame, and trauma on the pursuit of consensual pleasure for BIPOC people.


Create and provide specific, trauma-informed consent education 


Educate how power, pleasure, and consent play roles in harm reduction.

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