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#ForTondalao: Imaging Freedom

Our last campaign #ReimaginedFreedom by focusing our efforts to raise funds for Tondalao's release - before she was actually released. We organized a shoot to celebrate her cosmetology degree she obtained while incarcerated. Photos & Video was captured by Project Blackbird partner Valerie Rollins of WithUInMind Photography.

Tondalao Hall is finally free.

Your contributions have helped secure her a successful reentry and the ability to survive the unpredictability of this pandemic.

Our first campaign in 2016 was inspired by the story of Tondalao Hall--a woman incarcerated for the crimes her abuser afflicted onto their children. Her thirty-year prison sentence in Mabel Bassett correctional facility illustrated the immediate need to address failures in the criminal justice system that promote the practice of mass incarceration of black mothers.

To date, we have raised over $20,000 to support her reentry.

You can continue to donate at the link below. Every bit counts.

Pictured to the right:
Tondalao Hall back to back with CBA Founder, Candace Liger, outside of Ice Event Center in Oklahoma City.
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The effects of mass incarceration weigh the heaviest on black folks. For black folks, especially black women who function as the sole provider of their households, spending time behind bars could mean losing custody of their children and beginning a new cycle of judicial involvement that looks nothing like rehabilitation. Even worse, many black women have been victims of a crime themselves. As the state with the highest rate of incarceration of women in the nation, Oklahoma is notorious for criminalizing womanhood, sentencing domestic violence and assault survivors, and failing to provide adequate mental health and rehabilitative services.

Our efforts seeks to abolish bail and end the current caste system that targets and cages the most vulnerable. And while we are aware of the slow pace of our government to enact change, our objective is to lead our people to freedom until we can manifest a new vision for our correctional system.




Read the Full Report by Essie Justice Group HERE

We served as an Oklahoma state project partner for the groundbreaking research investigating the holistic effects of incarceration for black women. Findings showed "incarceration of a loved one is a burgeoning women's health crisis."

December 2017



We worked with Tulsa County Courthouse for Warrant Relief Day - an effort to remove failure - to - warrants. Community members were advised to bring 5 nonperishable food items to have their warrants removed. Recognizing the financial burden of donating food during the Thanksgiving holiday, we organized a campaign to have individuals to purchase or donate low-cost packages of ramen noodles in exchange for clearing a warrant.

  • 600 People had warrants removed

  • Donated 5,000 nonperishable food items

  • 10 People with Active Warrants = NO ARRESTS

  • Over 1,000 Warrants removed

  • Event Page: Reached 53,000 people

  • Post Reach: 63,000 people